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How can I use Bertolli olive oils?

Did you know that you can use olive oil for all your cooking needs? You can even fry and bake with olive oil, and gain the numerous health benefits of switching to olive oil. Let us show you how.

For cooking at high temperatures (above 406° F), for example, deep frying and baking, you can use Bertolli Classico Olive or Delicato Extra Light Tasting olive oil, which are stable at high temperatures (438° F and 468° F smoke points, respectively). The smoke point of an oil is the temperature at which the oil begins to decompose and visible fumes (smoke) are given off.

For all other preparations including salad dressings, dips, marinades, basting meats and vegetables, sauces and topping dishes for flavour, use Bertolli Extra Virgin Originale or Gentile. You will maximize the health benefits you get from olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 406° F, which contrary to popular belief, is much higher than the smoke points of butter (350° F) and canola oil (400° F).

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