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What is the best way to store Bertolli olive oils?

Bertolli is dedicated to providing consistent, authentic and premium quality olive oil. Here are some storage suggestions to make the most of the flavour and quality of your olive oil.

Light: Prolonged, direct exposure to light, especially sunlight, causes the decomposition of olive oil, leading to an alteration in the colour (from yellow-green to yellow-orange) and a strange taste. Therefore, it is recommended to store olive oil in dark, dry cupboards, protected from light.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for storing olive oil is between 15-25°C (room temperature). Prolonged storage at temperatures over 25°C may trigger oxidation, resulting in a disagreeable taste. Storage at temperatures below 10°C is also not recommended as extreme cold may induce crystallization and give it a cloudy appearance. Although this is not visually appealing, it does not compromise the product quality and after a few days at room temperature it will become clear again. Avoid storing olive oil in exposed places (e.g. on the balcony).

Air: Prolonged contact with air triggers oxidation and leads to deterioration. It is recommended to close the bottle after use.

Time: Unlike wines, which improve with age, olive oil must be consumed fresh. The fresher the oil, the more health benefits one can gain from the oil. Although it’s not harmful for health, extra virgin olive oil may develop an unusual taste eighteen months after bottling. It is recommended to check the expiry date and to avoid buying an excessive amount of oil which will age before consumption.