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frequently asked questions

What is the shelf life/ best before date for the Bertolli olive oil/vinegar I purchased?

All Bertolli products are stamped with a code, which will help identify the best before date of that product.

For example, if the code on the product is 2012 JN 30 L9126T H1335, then the best before date can be found in the first 8 digits in the form YYYY MM DD. In this case, the best before date is June 30, 2012.

Bertolli Originale and Gentile Extra Virgin Olive Oils have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of bottling. Bertolli Classico Olive Oil and Delicato Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil are best before 20 months from the date of bottling. Bertolli vinegars have a shelf life of 36 months from bottling time.

How are Bertolli 100% Olive Oil sprays different than some other spray products?

Bertolli 100% Olive Oil sprays use a unique spray technology so when you press the actuator (button), it forces compressed air to push only 100% olive oil out of the bottle. The compressed air never touches the oil, which is in a pouch. Some competitors use isobutene and propane in their sprays to propel their sprays out of the bottle. Read their back label ingredients and dare to compare what you’re putting on your food.

Do Bertolli olive oils and vinegars have to meet a certain quality and taste standard before being shipped to stores?

Yes, Bertolli olive oils and vinegars must meet strict quality standards including specific taste profiles. This quality process ensures that every bottle of Bertolli olive oil and vinegar has the excellent quality and great taste for which Bertolli is renowned worldwide.

How can I use Bertolli olive oils?

Did you know that you can use olive oil for all your cooking needs? You can even fry and bake with olive oil, and gain the numerous health benefits of switching to olive oil. Let us show you how.

For cooking at high temperatures (above 406° F), for example, deep frying and baking, you can use Bertolli Classico Olive or Delicato Extra Light Tasting olive oil, which are stable at high temperatures (438° F and 468° F smoke points, respectively). The smoke point of an oil is the temperature at which the oil begins to decompose and visible fumes (smoke) are given off.

For all other preparations including salad dressings, dips, marinades, basting meats and vegetables, sauces and topping dishes for flavour, use Bertolli Extra Virgin Originale or Gentile. You will maximize the health benefits you get from olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 406° F, which contrary to popular belief, is much higher than the smoke points of butter (350° F) and canola oil (400° F).

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How can I use Bertolli vinegars?

Bertolli’s range of vinegars can be used as a staple in everyday cooking. Bertolli vinegars enhance flavours, soften meats and preserve certain foods in a variety of preparations including vinaigrettes, marinades, pickles, sauces, sautés and stews, to name a few.

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Are Bertolli extra virgin olive oils first cold-pressed?

Yes, Bertolli extra virgin oils are first cold-pressed.

“Cold-pressed” means that only mechanical means were used to press oil from the olive fruits; no heat or chemicals were used in the extraction process.

“First cold-pressed” refers to the olive oil that was extracted from the first cold pressing of the olive fruits. Some other processes send the pressed pulp through higher pressure extraction methods to extract more oil. All good quality extra virgin oils on the market today are first cold-pressed.

Are Bertolli olive oils and vinegars imported from Italy?

Bertolli olive oils are made from olives harvested from around the Mediterranean. This gives Bertolli its unique taste, which is renowned worldwide. Bertolli olive oil bottles are imported from Italy. Bertolli olive oil sprays, which are made with the same Bertolli olive oil blend, are imported from Spain. Bertolli vinegars are bottled in Spain as well. All Bertolli products must meet strict quality standards including specific taste profiles, ensuring that every bottle and spray of Bertolli olive oil and vinegar has the excellent quality and great taste our consumers have come to expect for 150 years.

Are all Bertolli olive oils comprised of 100% olive oil?

Yes, Bertolli olive oils are made of nothing but 100% olive oil. There are no other ingredients in the Bertolli olive oil range.

What is the best way to store Bertolli olive oils?

Bertolli is dedicated to providing consistent, authentic and premium quality olive oil. Here are some storage suggestions to make the most of the flavour and quality of your olive oil.

Light: Prolonged, direct exposure to light, especially sunlight, causes the decomposition of olive oil, leading to an alteration in the colour (from yellow-green to yellow-orange) and a strange taste. Therefore, it is recommended to store olive oil in dark, dry cupboards, protected from light.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for storing olive oil is between 15-25°C (room temperature). Prolonged storage at temperatures over 25°C may trigger oxidation, resulting in a disagreeable taste. Storage at temperatures below 10°C is also not recommended as extreme cold may induce crystallization and give it a cloudy appearance. Although this is not visually appealing, it does not compromise the product quality and after a few days at room temperature it will become clear again. Avoid storing olive oil in exposed places (e.g. on the balcony).

Air: Prolonged contact with air triggers oxidation and leads to deterioration. It is recommended to close the bottle after use.

Time: Unlike wines, which improve with age, olive oil must be consumed fresh. The fresher the oil, the more health benefits one can gain from the oil. Although it’s not harmful for health, extra virgin olive oil may develop an unusual taste eighteen months after bottling. It is recommended to check the expiry date and to avoid buying an excessive amount of oil which will age before consumption.