Steak Tartare with Wild Mushroom Cream

15' Medium 12345

For the steak:
300g Veal tenderloin
2 Red onions
20g Capers
Salt and pepper to taste

For the wild mushroom cream:
100g Wild mushrooms (of your choice)
60ml Cream
Bertolli Olive Oil to taste


Step 1

Trim the outer fat from the veal tenderloin.

Step 2

Cut the veal into small chunks/cubes.

Step 3

Mince the onions and capers thoroughly, obtaining the smallest bits possible.

Step 4

Mix all the ingredients and add salt, pepper and tabasco to taste. Set this mixture aside.

Step 5

For the wild mushroom cream: Sauté the wild mushrooms, add cream and simmer for 10 minutes. Purée the mixture. Now you’re ready to plate.

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